The key is capacity

         Our company carries out repair or restoration of the hybrid battery with the help of professional equipment.

 We are NOT changing some cells; we are changing ALL cells.  The equipment⁸ allows you to increase the capacity (mA/h) of each individual cell.


 Let’s start from the beginning.  The battery has a nickel-metal hydride composition in the cells.  Each cell has a specific voltage (Voltage), capacity (mA/h), resistance (Ohm) and Energy (Wh).

 In order for the battery to work and the car to start right now, you need to have the same voltage in volts in each cell.  The car will start and possibly run.  But the life and durability of the battery is determined by its capacity. 

          That is, if you charge all the cells knowing the value of the capacity of each cell, there will be an imbalance.  The battery will work for as long as the CAPACITY (that is, the lifetime) in the weakest cell lasts. But knowing the meaning is not enough.  Imagine that you somehow know these values, for example, you bought equipment for about $ 10,000, which simply charges and calculates the capacity of the cells.  I am sure that all the capacitance value of each cell will be different, and even differ very strongly, with a difference of 20%, or even 40% in some cells.  

           This means that the weakest element (cell) during acceleration of the car or long braking will take on more energy, and accordingly, during acceleration, it will sink very much and the car will give an error or charge too much when braking, this too will give an error. Compare this to car tires. For a smooth ride on a car, all wheels must be of the same radius.  The same can be said about the capacity of a battery – it should be the same, with a difference of 1-2% of everything.  Then your car will be happy.


          Now let’s talk about equipment that is much more expensive than the one that simply calculates the capacity. 

 A new battery has 6500 mA/h, but a car that is already showing an error has poor acceleration and increased fuel consumption, has a capacity of about 2000 to 2800 mA/h.  So, when you know the capacity of all cells, you realize you need to increase this capacity, which is what our professional equipment does.  Of course, it is impossible to increase the capacity above the factory values.  There is a fixed chemical composition inside all cells.  But to raise the capacity to 4500-5300 mA/h – that we can do!

 Some cells being old, go up to 3500 mA/h and they are thrown away, some up to 4550 mA/h, others 5100 mA/h and so on.  After that, having more than 1000 cells with different values, they are combined into batteries with the SAME capacity and a difference of no more than ONLY 2%.  That is, if 4700 mA/h is the value of one cell, then the others are no more than 4790 mA/h.  This miracle of technology has no weak elements, and they work evenly in a balanced way, losing their new raised capacity evenly.

            If we talk about numbers, then a new car loses capacity of its hybrid battery in about 10 years – 4000 mA/h (from 6500 to 2500 mA/h).  We raise from 2500 to 5000 mA/h. That is, by 2500 mA/h.  If 4000 mA/h is 10 years, then we return 6.25 years.  But due to the fact that inside the chemical composition (acid in interaction with nickel) is no longer new, we make a discount on this 40% of the time.  We get 6.25 years-40% = 3.7 years.  This is the mathematically calculated recycle life of a hybrid battery by increasing the capacity of each cell and matching all values in one battery exactly when assembled.  

           Our company gives 1 and 2 years of warranty, depending on what we install – 4500 mA/h or 5300 mA/h. We do not want to scare customers with a figure of more than 3 years of warranty, since this figure is a bit illogical for you.  But now you can now know it that under ideal conditions it will come true. Ideal conditions are: – the battery fan is always in working order to prevent overheating, which causes the chemical composition of the cells inside to boil and evaporate, smooth driving, absence of extreme temperatures outside, good gasoline.


        By the way, if the sellers of hybrid batteries do not tell you the capacity of each cell, then they do not know it and therefore the repair was not properly carried out.  As well as resistance, at high values of which a short circuit occurs.  It is necessary to identify such cells in time and throw them away.  Are you ready to buy a product about which the seller knows NOTHING?!  Agree, it’s strange.  When repairing a battery somewhere under normal conditions without professional equipment, you don’t know how much the cell resistance is (in order to avoid a sharp circuit in the circuit), you don’t know the Capacity (how much battery is left to live in numbers and not in words). 

         At the same time, repairs are made with the replacement of one or more cells, it’s like a shot in the dark – and you pay for it!  We also did this many years ago, but the feeling that we didn’t tell the client everything, not know what’s inside the battery and what numbers the cells have, didn’t leave us.  So, we decided to completely change the method of “free blind repair” (change several cells) to a professional one, with pride, responsibility and knowledge of our business.  We are not ashamed of what we do.  We know what we are doing!            

       With the right repair, your fuel consumption can roughly increase your mileage by up to plus 10%.  Acceleration gets better.  And in some models, you cannot pass the inspection, without a good battery.  Since with a bad battery, there is a low power of the entire battery, and, accordingly, the internal combustion engine turns on more often. This increases exhaust gases greater than what the manufacturer planned for the car.

              The value of Capacity is to know how much battery life is left in NUMBERS and not in words!  We know that. We increase the capacity.